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Manna Studio is your one-stop shop providing a multitude of audio services under the one roof. Ranging from music production, song writing, recording of audio (studio & live), mixing & mastering to music video production, we can do it all!

Owned and operated by producer & engineer David Manna, Manna Studio specialises in a vast range of services in the audio spectrum. Manna Studio works closely with a range of clients from recording artists to advertising and media firms.

Manna Studio can help shape & refine your musical arrangements, song ideas & song writing. Live performances are recorded & engineered in high definition using industry standard equipment with experienced ears to ensure our client’s vision is met and exceeded.


We pride ourselves in providing our clients a welcome, comfortable & carefree environment where musical ideas and creativity just flow naturally. We take our time to listen to all our clients ideas to ensure the final production is one they can’t just stop talking about and has them coming back again and again.

We encourage you to browse our website, listen to our work & get a feel for what Manna Studio can offer you. We hope to hear from you real soon, so together with the creative juices flowing, we can tailor a package to suit your needs!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your next project, we can do it!


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At Manna Studio we understand the importance of capturing the right sound & performance for any project and genre of music.

We provide a broad range of recording services from studio to location recording and audio for advertising with the use of industry standard gear combined with a wealth of experience to facilitate your recording needs.

Please refer to our “Studio” page for a detailed list of our gear. You may also hear samples of our work by visiting the “Our Work” page.


We provide a digital mixing service utilizing the very best of digital & analogue processing in a hybrid configuration with Pro Tools HD, analogue outboard gear and audio summing.

We are not genre specific and have mixed all different types of music and projects from EDM (electronic dance music), live band recordings & instrumentation including sound for film, media & advertising.

We strongly encourage all our clients to visit our “Preparing Files” page for detailed information on how to prepare your files correctly for Mixing.

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Preparing your files



Our services include stereo mastering & stem mastering (sub groups).

We don’t specialize in a specific musical genre when Mastering because we’re able to fine tune elements of the process such as equalization, dynamics & FX processing to make a song sound richer/fatter and translate better to its final medium.

Our process is very simple. For unattended mastering you can upload or mail us your audio master file, or come in and attend the session. We make sure every mastered song sounds the best it can possibly be by providing the ultimate amount of attention to detail; we love music more than anything.

We then deliver your Mastered song encoded in various formats to meet todays standards.


Stem Mastering

This process allows the us to have more control over the final mix when mastering.

Once a song is mixed the artist has the choice of mastering its final stereo mix or providing audio sub groups of their session that make up their song. (drums, bass, guitars, vocals, etc.).

Benefits: This allows the us to perform detailed corrections & enhancements to the equalization, dynamics, depth and balance of the instruments. Stem mastering isn’t a full mix down service. Once the final mix is completed we the master the record as per normal.

For more information on this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We strongly encourage all our clients to visit our “Preparing Files” page for more information and details on how to prepare your files correctly for Mastering.

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Preparing your files

Song Writing

We cover all basis and work with musicians and song writers of all levels.

Weather you’re already an established songwriter/artist looking to collaborate, an artist who needs help in fine tuning their musical arrangements and ideas to someone who doesn’t write at all.

Our experienced team of writers cover a wide range of musical genres and have worked with many local and international artists, labels and publishers.

For detailed info on team (Biography, discography, credit listing) please contact us.

We offer a range of songwriting solutions.

  • One on one or group songwriting sessions.
  • Complete solution taking you from songwriting all the way to a finished release quality CD Master.
  • Performance of session musicians & vocalist.

Live Sound/Recording

At Manna Studio we offer a professional range of services in live entertainment from live sound operation (FOH & Monitoring) & touring production to location recording.

David has mixed many local and international artists throughout his career with an ever growing list of credits added weekly to his name. Examples of artists he has worked with can be seen below.

  • Pointer Sisters
  • 112
  • The Wailers
  • Common Kings
  • Thirsty Merc
  • Diesel
  • Stan Walker
  • Mc Clymonts
  • Daryl Braithwight
  • Kacey Chambers
  • Adam Brand
  • Carl Baron
  • Jimeoin
  • Morgan Evans
  • McAlister Kemp

….and the list goes on

Preparing files for Mixing & Mastering

It is very important you prepare your files correctly to ensure you get the best possible results from us.
Wrong file formats, audio clipping, timing issues and bad editing are imperfections that cannot be fixed in Post Production.

We ask you to follow these simple guidelines when organising your next mixing & mastering session with us.

Please ensure all audio stems are ready for Mixing. We strongly recommend you spend the time to ensure your songs are free from any timing and tuning issues.
Make sure all edits are smooth and there are no clicks and pops or distortion in your audio signal.

We allow a generous amount of additional editing, vocal tuning and alignment free of charge. Where greater attention is needed that intrudes on your Mix time, Fees will apply on top of your final rate.

Preparing Audio for Mixing

  • File formats – WAV or AIFF are preferred.
  • Sample Rate & Resolution – 44.1/48/96K & 16/24/32 Bit files are accepted.
  • All Audio files (mono or stereo) must be clearly labelled without audio clipping.
  • All Audio stems must be consolidated or bounced from the start point of your song (bar 1 beat). All files must be of the same sample rate and bit depth.
  • All multi-track files are to be provided dry, without reverb, effects or processing. However, if you feel a specific effect, process or creative element (such as filter sweeps, delays, Side-Chaining etc.) is an important part of the sound, provide us a processed reference version plus a ‘dry’ version. Label both versions clearly and mention this in the information you provide.
  • Bounce any midi/virtual instruments to audio, we only accept audio files unless additional production is organised otherwise with us.
  • When bouncing your multi-tracks allow for plenty headroom to avoid clipping or distortion. Over clipping, distortion and audio imperfections cannot be removed in the Mixing process.

In addition please provide as much written information as possible to assist with Mixing. Things such as audio levels of specific stems (such as vocals, guitars), panning, effects of instrumentation, etc. We encourage you to provide a rough mix and reference song.

What you get from us?

During the Mix process we’ll send you “Review Mixes” for you to hear and provide feedback on.  Once the final mix is completed we’ll deliver the final mix ready for Mastering in the following formats.

  • Final Mix Mastered.
  • Final Mix Instrumental (Muting of vocal tracks during bounce)
  • Final Mix Acapella (Muting of all instrumentation) Wet & Dry

Mix Revisions

We allow for 2 mix revisions included in the total price per track. Additional revisions will be additionally charged.

We strongly recommend you listen to the final mix in various listening environments (Car Stereo, Small & Large Stereo Systems, Headphones, IPod etc.) before providing revision notes (with timecode). This will ensure your ears get a better judgement across all mediums.

Delivery of Audio Files

You may upload your files to us online via our secure Dropbox account, FTP or burned on a DVD and mailed to us (Contact us for postage details).

Final Mixes will be delivered to our clients digitally online via Dropbox or FTP.
We also burn you a hard copy ready for your Mastering engineer. If we Master your record/s we’ll provide you with a master reference CD that you will use for CD duplication.

Here are some simple guidelines on how to prepare your mix/pre-master for Digital Mastering.

Preparing files for Mastering

  • File formats – WAV or AIFF are preferred.
  • Sample Rate & Resolution – 44.1k/48k/96k & 24 or 32 files are accepted.
  • Intro & Outro – Bounce your track with some space so we can Trim and fade later.
  • All Audio files must be clearly labelled with the Song Title, Sample Rate and Resolution in the file name. For example “Into You (Radio Mix) 24Bit 48K”.
  • Make sure your all audio tracks are bounced with at least -6dB of headroom, this allows us the space to do our thing.
  • Provide us with at least 1 or 2 reference tracks. This will give us a better understanding of how you want your finished record to sound like.

Most importantly when bouncing your mixes, remove any processing or Mastering type plug ins like (Izotope, T-Racks or Compressors, Equaliers, Limiters) from the Master Bus, if Stem Mastering this apples to busses or subgroups. There really is no point in doing this just to make your mix louder and fatter, leave it for Mastering.

Preparing files for Stem Mastering

Following the same guide lines for Mastering with a few additional requirements.

  • Ensure all your Stems are bounced from Bar 1 of your session and finish exactly at the same in length.
  • Remove any Processing such as Compression, Limiting, etc from your sub group bus. If you feel what you’ve done is a vital part of your sound for that bus, provide us with a unprocessed and reference bounce of that group.


If you’re going to distribute your songs online digitally then in most cases all you will need from us is a Mastered WAV file. Your distributor or online platform (such as iTunes, Beatport) will do the encoding for you (MP3, AAC, etc)

If you plan to physically sell CDs then we’ll provide you with a CD production master (Red-Book CD Master). We provide one copy included in your mastering rate.


Since we provide a digital mastering service, we can recall your session and make changes if needed. We are very confident in our work and allow 1 revision free of charge. Additional revisions will be charged at full rate of Mastering.


Using the highest quality industry standard equipment.

  • AVID Protools HD 11
  • AVID I/O (16 channels in & ou
  • 2x Universal Audio UAD Octo Cards
  • Digidesign C24 Control Surface
  • Apple Mac Pro
  • Steinberg Wave Lab
  • Apple Logic
  • Ableton Live Suite
  • Dangerous Music Monitor ST
  • Focal Twin 6 BE near field speakers
  • Focal CMS subwoofer
  • Yamaha NS-10 nearfield speakers
  • Bryston 3B Amplifier
  • Presonus HP60 6 CH headphone amp
  • 1x Sennheiser HD 650 headphones
  • 1x Sennheiser HD 25 headphones
  • 3x Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro
  • 2x Fostex T40RP headphones


  • 1x BAE 1073
  • 1x Universal Audio 2-610 Pre Amps (2 Channels)
  • 1x Avalon 737 Channel Strip Pre Amp
  • 1x Avalon U5 DI
  • 16x Digidesign C24 Mic Preamps

EQ & Dynamics

  • 1x Universal Audio 1176LN Compressor
  • 1x Empirical Labs Fatso EL7X
  • 2x DBX 160 VU Compressors
  • 1x SSL G Bus Compressor – 500 Series
  • 2x DBX 520 De-Essers – 500 Series
  • Audio Accessories Patch Bay’s
  • 1x Neumann U87
  • 2x Neumann KM184
  • 2x Royer R- 121
  • 1x Sennheiser RE20
  • 4x Shure SM57
  • 1x Shure SM7B
  • 2x Shure SM81

We don’t have a large inventory of mic’s but have specialty tailored signal chains for different instruments. We have access to virtually any mic on the market (vintage or modern) to make sure you have the perfect combination to best capture any sound source at the highest quality possible. These include classics like Neumann u47, AKG C12 to Telefunken ELA 251.

    • 2x Universal Audio UAD 2 Octo Cards – Powered Plugins
    • AVID Pro Tools HD Software Plug In’s
    • Waves Mercury Bundle
    • Sonnox Oxford Elite Bundle
    • Sound Toys Complete
    • Mc DSP Plugins
    • Antares Auto Tune
    • Celemony Melodyne
    • Synchro Arts Vocalign
    • Sugar Bytes Effectrix
    • Fab Filter Filters
    • and many more….
  • Native Insturments Komplete Bundle
  • Arturia Complete Bundle
  • AIR Music Creative Collection
  • AIR Music Expansion Plug Ins
  • Steven Slate Drums
  • Lennar Digital Sylenth
  • Re-FX Nexus
  • Vengeance Plugins
  • FabFilter Plugins
  • Spectrasonics Stylus
  • Spectrasonics Trillian
  • Mixed In Key 8

and many more….

  • Gibson Les Paul Standard & Custom Guitars
  • Fender American Stratocaster Guitar
  • Fender American Telecaster Guitar
  • Fender American Standard Precision Bass
  • Maton Messiah EM100c Acoustic Guitar
  • Marshall 1960 Quad Cabinet
  • Marshall EL34 100/100 Amplification
  • Various Shakers & Percussion

We have access to a large range of vintage and modern guitars, guitar cabinets and instrumentation available upon request.

We understand the importance of being able to capture the right performance and sound for any project.

We do this with experienced ears and a wealth of knowledge to ensure our client’s vision is met and exceeded using only the best industry standard equipment from Universal Audio, Neve, Avalon, Solid State Logic, Dangerous Music, Neumann amongst other brands.


We’re not happy until our clients are. We are confident in our work and treat each project like it’s our own with a no compromise attitude towards all our work. We've been fortunate enough having worked with some iconic and high profile artists and organizations during our time of operation. Take a look and see what some of our clients have to say about working with us.


We would love to hear from you to discuss your next project. For all enquires please use the contact form below, alternatively you may contact David on his details listed below.

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